Working Properties

Mahogany is a much sought-after wood, based on its hardness, resilience and beauty. It is commonly regarded as the world's leading wood for fine-quality furniture, cabinetry, sculpture, carving, interior trim and other applications. Mahogany lumber machines well. Cuts are clean and work easily with hand or power tools.

Physical Properties

Mahogany is an open-grained wood that sands and planes well. If a smooth finish is desired, the large pores of the wood must be filled prior to applying the final protective coating. Mahogany is typically red, pink, or salmon-colored when first cut. The hues deepen as the wood matures, taking on a rich red or brown-red cast. Mahogany has a fine to medium texture, with grain that varies from straight to wavy or curly. Irregularities in the grain are considered desirable, producing distinctive, visually appealing "figures"


Mahogany is a strong, robust wood. Its lasting durability makes it a popular choice for furniture. Mahogany maintains its integrity as it resists swelling, shrinking and warping over time, making it ideal for areas prone to excessive moisture or humidity

Main Uses

Furniture, cabinet making, architectural interiors, high class joinery, doors, flooring, panelling and boat building. A favoured wood for using in contrast with lighter coloured timbers.

  • Machining


    100% Complete
  • Nailing


    80% Complete
  • Screwing


    80% Complete
  • gluing


    80% Complete
  • Finishing


    100% Complete
  • 0.55

    Specific Gravity (12% MC)

  • 850 kg/m3

    Average weight (12% MC)

  • 10.2 %

    Specific Volumetric Shrinkage ( Green to 6% M.C)

  • 11,584

    Modules of elasticity

  • 4492